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Swimming Pool Cover Performance

The Solid Winter Pool Cover is manufactured from a special fabric. The material development specification required the fabric to withstand the environmental extremes of cold and heat. The finished product had to withstand harsh Canadian winters as well as the intense sun conditions found at an independent test center in Arizona. The Winter Cover is lightweight for ease of handling, yet has the strength and durability to merit an extended warranty. Years of trouble-free use in the marketplace has confirmed the success of this product.

The Solid Winter Pool Cover is designed to:
1. Keep the dirt and debris out of your pool during the non-swimming months when your pool is closed. When combined with a proper winterizing program, the cover is especially effective.
2. Protect your investment by sheltering your pool from the wear and tear of winter weather.

In performing its job, the winter pool cover will be subjected to considerable abuse. It will become dirty, grimy and some calcified matter may form on the cover. This appearance does not mean that your cover is of inferior material or construction. To the contrary, it indicates the cover is doing its job of saving your pool from the destructive forces of nature.