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Pool Cover Care & Maintenance

Proper care in handling, storing and maintaining your pool cover will prolong its useful life.

1. DO NOT use abrasive materials such as concrete blocks, bricks and boards to hold your pool cover down.

2. DO NOT remove leaves or debris from your pool cover with a sharp object such as a rake.

3. DO NOT install your pool cover without padding sharp corners, decking protrusions, rough edges of the coping, etc.

4. DO NOT store your pool cover without cleaning it with water (mild detergent if necessary) and soft brush prior to drying thoroughly to prevent mildew. If excess humidity or moisture is a storage concern, the cover can be dusted with talcum powder.

5. DO NOT allow water, snow or ice to accumulate on top of your pool cover.

6. DO NOT remove your pool cover from the pool without first pumping all the water off the cover.