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In-Ground Pool Cover Installation

- The pool cover rests upon and is supported by the pool water. Therefore, prior to cover installation, it is important to make sure the pool is not leaking.

- Follow the pool manufacturer/builder winterizing instructions for your pool and accessories.

- Consult with your pool dealer on the appropriate winterizing chemicals to be used. The pool must be chlorinated until freeze-up to prevent algae growth.

- Although your winter pool cover is made of a tough material, it is required that you pad sharp corners, abrasive decking, protrusions, rough edges of the coping, etc. with old towels, foam remnants or corrugated cardboard, etc.

- Lower the water level in your pool below the skimmer (approximately 18 inches down from the coping) to prevent freezing.

- Lay out the pool cover on the ground, black side down. Then spread it across the pool.

- For covers with straps, insert the unfilled vinyl water tubes through the straps around the complete perimeter of the pool. It is important to lay the water tubes end to end to prevent the wind from getting under the cover. A billowing wind condition can cause serious damage to your pool cover. If the tubes are to be subjected to freezing temperatures, they should be half filled, allowing for ice expansion to prevent damage.

- When the pool cover is installed on the pool, it is normal for a small amount of water to seep onto the surface of the pool cover.